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newton city councilNewton’s first ever City Council was sworn in on Jan. 1 and held its first regular session Monday.

So now what?

What would you like to see this City Council do — or not do — in 2016?

Ban paper bags too? Ban leaf blowers?  Revisit the tear down problem? Take a stance on U.S. immigration polices? Zoning reform? Find a use for the former Newton Centre Library?  Stop or support a Philip Neri and/or Turtle Lane project?  Switch to every other week trash pick up? Investigate turnover in the executive department?  Deliver the Boston Globe to your house? Approve a specific CPA program? More affordable housing? Less affordable housing? Fewer committee meetings? Parking meters in Waban? Enclose Gath Pool? Bike lanes? Seat cushions for those dreadful City Council Chamber benches?

Share your hopes, dreams and fears in the comments section.