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Following in the footsteps of two-time challengers Charlie Shapiro and one-time challenger Tom Sheff, Newton resident Bill Humphrey has announced plans to challenge imcumbent Marilyn Petitto Devaney for Governor’s Council.

Here’s his announcement video and press release…

Bill Humphrey Announces 2016 Governor’s Council Campaign Newton resident Bill Humphrey has announced his candidacy for the Massachusetts Governor’s Council in the 32 cities and towns of the Third District in the September 2016 Democratic primary. He is running to fight full time for justice for all in our Commonwealth and to bring more representation to government on the issues important to the Millennial generation.

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen a sustained mass mobilization on race, inequality, and the environment, on a scale we haven’t seen in decades,” Bill noted in a video previewing the campaign ahead. These events have reaffirmed Bill’s commitment to achieving a change in our governmental system. Bill is a progressive Democrat and native of Newton, Massachusetts from a family with many generations of public service to the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Middlesex County. Bill Humphrey is currently a Senior Editor at The Globalist magazine and a senior researcher at The Globalist Research Center.

Bill is a graduate of Newton South High School and the University of Delaware. After graduating college, Bill served as the Statewide Director and co-founder of Delaware Right to Marry Political Action Committee. He has also been active behind-the-scenes in Newton politics since his Newton South days.

The Massachusetts Governor’s Council is an elected constitutional body of eight members in the executive branch of the Commonwealth. Its largest roles are to approve nominations for judges, parole board members, and the Industrial Accident Board, as well as to provide advice on pardons and commutations.

For more information on Bill’s campaign, visit BillHumphrey.net. An official campaign kickoff event will take place in early 2016, but the team is already hard at work across the district.

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