Andrea Segal, former resident of Newton Lower Falls currently residing at the Pine Street Women’s Inn, made the trip to Newton City Hall on Nov. 12 to testify before the Land Use Committee. Here’s what she had to say..

Good evening. My name is Andrea Segal and I’m a former resident of Newton Lower Falls. I lived with the Newton Housing Authority for 30 years. I lost my housing four years ago. I have nowhere to live. I’ve been sleeping in a homeless shelter for four years. 

We need more affordable housing in the state of Massachusetts, not only in Newton but everywhere. How am I going to go back home?

I don’t think anyone in this room has ever lived in a homeless shelter. There are almost 200 women there who have nowhere to go. There’s a men’s shelter there too. They have nowhere to go. Some people live there for years and years.

There are not enough apartments in this country. There are many homeless in America. All over. It’s a big problem. It has to be dealt with. And with attitudes like this [several prior speakers had testified against the project, including the most recent one], nothing is ever going to happen. Have a good night.