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For every $4 contributed to candidates running in contested aldermen races this election cycle, slightly more than $1 came from donors living beyond Newton’s borders, a TAB review of campaign finance filings found, Jonathan Dame of Newton TAB reports.

Most of the donations from outside Newton — and nearly all of the out-of-state money — went to Jake Auchincloss, the 27-year-old Newton native and political newcomer who claimed victory Nov. 3 over Marcia Johnson, a 16-year veteran of the board from Ward 2….

Auchincloss said voters should “consider those donations from outside of Newton to be a reference check.”

“The money I raised from outside of Newton came from people who worked closely with me or who have known me almost my entire life,” said Auchincloss, who came in second in the race for two at-large seats from Ward 2. “That money represented a vote of confidence that I would serve my constituents ably.”

In addition to raising around $30,000, Auchincloss said his campaign knocked on 14,000 doors, made 7,500 phone calls, sent out three mailers and printed 250 lawn signs.

“This is what it takes to unseat a longtime incumbent,” Auchincloss said.

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