Thanks to Lynne LeBlanc, Julia Malakie, Chris Pitts, Frank Wolpe and Al Ciccone, Jr. for your willingness to serve the people of Newton on our Board of Aldermen/City Council.

Thanks Cyrus Vaghar and Susan Huffman for wanting to make our schools better as School Committee members.

Thanks Groot Gregory, Tom Sheff, Miles Fidelman, Lisa Teuscher Gordon, Peter Harrington, Charlie Shapiro, Linda Jordan Kraus, Megan Risen Meirav, Kathy Winters, Wenhua Zhang, George Mansfield
Ken Parker and Peter Bruce for your willingness to review and perhaps reshape our city’s charter.

And thank you Marcia Johnson for your tireless service to Newton as an alderman since 1999.

It was, at times, a divisive election. But your willingness to share ideas and your time makes Newton a better place.

You’ve earned your city’s respect and gratitude.