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Newton Villages Alliance is at it again. This time instead of resorting to  Tea Party/Ann Coulter   -like fear mongering about “importing poor people” the NVA sent an election weekend e-mail to supporters which challenges the motives of the League of Women Voters Newton and claims some Charter Commission candidates want to “limit” democracy.

Here’s an excerpt from the email in which the NVA proposes would be a reason to vote against establishing a Charter Commission.

The group that led the effort to put this question on the ballot did so after going on record in support of reducing the number of aldermen representing us and transferring land use decision-making authority from our elected aldermen to appointed professionals from the land use and development sectors.  Until this year, they were also on record as supporting the elimination of the charter provision authorizing our grassroots village area councils. All of these are changes that would concentrate power in fewer hands, be less democratic and lead to less accountability.

A little later the NVA adds..

What is worrying is that a number of well-known candidates running for Charter Commission are leaders, or former leaders, in the organization that led the effort to put the question on the ballot.  So it is safe to assume that those candidates wish to limit resident participation in local democracy in the ways that organization espoused.  Other candidates have close ties to the development industry.

The mail concludes with its endorsement of the nine candidates it presumably believes don’t share the LWVN’s democracy-limiting agenda.