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There’s a campaign e-mail making the rounds from alderman/council candidate Jake Auchincloss which includes a quote from me (along with a quotes, from Congressman Seth Moulton, Newton Economic Development Commission Chair Steve Feller and TAB Editor Andy Levin) which some have read as an indication that I’ve endorsed the Ward 2 candidate.

I have not. I have not endorsed any candidates this year.

Occasionally I make voting suggestions to friends or neighbors. But I haven’t endorsed in years and don’t plan on doing so this year.

The quote Auchincloss used was from this thread on Village 14.

Auchincloss  did notify me in advance that he was planning to use the quote and asked if I had “any questions or concerns.” It was an accurate quote so I left it at that.

And just to be clear, I’m not happy or sad that he quoted me.   I’m just clarifying because I’ve been asked.


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