Thanks to the 22 Newton residents are candidates for Charter Commission. Now comes the hard part for the rest of us choosing nine of you on Nov. 3: Tell us who you are and why you’re running in the comments section below. And if you have a campaign website share that too please.

UPDATE: Candidates in blue have commented below. Still hope to hear from those listed in red.

Jane O’Connor Frantz 

Bryan P. Barash
Brooke K. Lipsitt 
Howard M. Haywood
G. Groot Gregory
Thomas Andrew Sheff 
Christopher Steele
Joshua Krintzman
Rhanna Kidwell
Miles R. Fidelman
Anne M. Larner
  Karen Manning

 Lisa R. Teuscher Gordon
  Peter F. Harrington
  Charles N. Shapiro

Linda Jordan Kraus
Megan Risen Meirav
Kathryn K. Winters

Wenhua Zhang
  George E. Mansfield

Kenneth R.L. Parker
  Peter Bruce


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