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Overshadowed perhaps by all the attention focused on Newton’s municipal elections has been the story about  West Newton resident Jabari Asim, the West Newton resident who was issued a citation for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle when he actually was at his desk in Boston.

An sssistant clerk magistrate declined to issue a criminal complaint against Asim on Sept. 8 and Asim told WGBH’s Jim Braude that he is still waiting for an opportunity to meet with Mayor Warren and Police Chief Howard Mintz about it.

I haven’t seen any reporting indicating if those meetings have taken place or not yet but urge the TAB to follow up on that.

Meanwhile,  Mintz told earlier the TAB that his department would not appeal the case but stood by the officer involved.

He said an internal review of citations issued by Helms found “no evidence that he is treating any particular group unfairly.”“I would say that the officer acted appropriately and that’s why disputes have to go to clerk magistrates,” Mintz said.