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Newton Villages Alliance recently endorsed a slate of aldermen candidates for this fall’s at-large elections: Lynne LeBlanc (Ward 2), Julia Malakie and Jim Cote (Ward 3) and Brian Yates and Chris Pitts (Ward 5). Although there is also an at-large contest in Ward 8 and a Ward 1 contest, none of the challengers or incumbents there have noticeably aligned themselves with the NVA’s no-growth mantra.

But that’s not case in Ward 2 where two other challengers — Jake Auchincloss and Jess Barton — both oppose the Austin Street project, although for different reasons. I’ve explored why Auchincloss may not have earned the NVA endorsement earlier. But what about Barton, who from all I’ve read and heard, seems to share NVA positions (and would certainly be preferable to the group over incumbent Aldermen Albright and Johnson)?

Am I misreading Barton’s positions? Or perhaps did NVA decide strategically to put all its energy into bullet voting LeBlanc onto the ballot?

It would be great to hear what Barton thinks about this and now that we know who the NVA leaders are perhaps they’ll weigh in as well.

And it would be great to hear from Barton supporters.  If I was a betting man, I’d wager that she will be the candidate who is eliminated following Thursday’s preliminary.  What should readers here know about Barton before we go to the polls this week?

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