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Dinosaur Rowe, LLC, the developer of the proposed 135-unit affordable housing complex on Rowe Street in Auburndale told the Zoning Board of Appeals last week there would be no major changes would be made to the proposal, The TAB reports.

Last week’s public hearing was a resumption of the process that’s been on hold since December when the ZBA said Newton had met the Chapter 40B’s “safe harbor”  percent threshold for  affordable housing on at least 1.5 percent of developable land. But the 1.5 percent claim was rejected by Department of Housing and Community Development and Housing Appeals Committee and now Dinosaur Rowe wants to move forward without any changes to the pla

[Dinosaur Rowe] was prepared to present a modified proposal at a meeting in February but the ZBA wouldn’t allow them to present. Since then, he said, “The facts have changed,” and the developer is no longer interested in presenting those revisions, the specifics of which he would not discuss.

Here’s my question: Was the city’s decision to make the 1.5. percent claim a wise one? Or will the end result be that residents will end up living next to a development that might have been smaller (or as ZBA Chair Brooke Lipsitt suggested last week a mix of commercial/residential with fewer housing units)?