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nva slate
A resident found this bundle of election door hangers at their Ward 2 home over the weekend. Although this would not the first time I’ve seen a group of Newton candidates running as a slate (if indeed that’s what this is), it is the earliest I can recall seeing a slate emerge publicly. Traditionally, we don’t see these things until a week or two prior to Election Day.)

pitts cardsIt’s also rare in Newton to see incumbents joining forces with challengers. Does this mean Brian Yakes and Jim Cote are endorsing Chris Pitts and Julia Malakie over their incumbent colleagues Deb Crossley and Ted Hess-Mahan?

Also, note that the bundle includes a Newton Villages Alliance hanger as well. Is it fair to assume that all five candidates embrace the NVA’s “no growth” mantra?

And finally, it’s worth noting who isn’tincluded here: Most notably Jake Auchincloss and Jess Barton, the two challengers in next month’s Ward 2 run-off. Does that mean that neither has this group’s blessing, even though the NVA’s Kathleen Kouril Grieser had previously endorsed Achincloss? Or that the two candidates declined to participate?

It would be great to hear from the five candidates here. Are you running as a slate? Or am I reading too much into this?



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