this comes from the mayor’s office.

The City of Newton is undertaking a comprehensive study of parking supply, utilization and management in Newton Centre. With continued retail success, proximity to the T, dense abutting residential neighborhoods, and a healthy employer environment, it is critical that we ensure we have a sustainable parking strategy that meets the needs of all users for years to come.

Public input is imperative to the success of this study and the team invites you to contribute to the parking study by:
. Participating in a Parking Pop-Up workshop on September 10th, 2015 (rain date: September 17th, 2015)

. Newton Centre Green 11:30am – 1:30pm
. Newton Centre T Stop at Union Street 4:30 pm – 6:30pm
. Completing a five-minute online survey at www.newtoncentreparkingsurvey.com
. Visiting www.newtonma.gov for study updates and announcements

Through this effort we intend to bring all elements together in the development of a comprehensive technical analysis and plan for parking management in the short and long term. The plan may include altered regulations and pricing, new technology, changes to employee parking, and parking information systems. Additional issues such as circulation patterns, public transportation, wayfinding, enforcement, and other initiatives will be assessed for their integration into the parking system.

This effort aims to secure the economy of the business area, ensure safety, improve mobility and address residents’ concerns. The plan’s efforts will build upon findings from the June 2013 parking study and other related efforts. The study area includes all on-street spaces and all public and private lots within a quarter mile of the Centre.
After the September Parking Pop-Up, the team will hold another public input session in late October to present initial strategies and recommendations. A final report will be completed by December 2015.

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