no money_v14Following up on Greg’s previous post, I’d like to make a proposal to Charter Commission candidates. Before I do so, though, here’s my full disclosure: I plan to run for Charter Commission. More on that elsewhere.

We know that candidates have to file campaign finance forms with the City Clerk, but how far are candidates going to take this? More importantly, what kind of campaign are voters going to want?

I’d like to propose that candidates forego all the standard campaigning. No signs, no mailers, no photos with the family. No fundraising. Or a fundraising/spending limit of $100. With that limit, we can avoid signs and brochures. No trees have to die for a Charter Commission. Perhaps the League of Women Voters, the TAB, NewTV and the city could hold forums where candidates are available to talk to voters (no debates for fear of getting confused with the Republican contenders for president!). Maybe the TAB could publish candidates’ statements.

One downside to this approach is that it favors people with more name recognition. But I don’t see how to avoid that in an election that has to happen quickly.

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

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