While would-be candidates still have just under two weeks until the July 30 deadline to pull papers and/or submit signatures to run for Alderman/City Council or Newton School Committee this fall, here’s a list from the City Clerk’s office of candidates that have turned in their nomination papers and have enough certified signatures as of July 16:

Scott F. Lennon                   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 1
Alison Leary                         Ward Alderman, Ward 1
Marcia T. Johnson               Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Susan S. Albright                Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Jacob Daniel Auchincloss   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Jessica C. Barton                 Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Lynne Lise LeBlanc              Alderman-at-Large, Ward 2
Emily Norton                        Ward Alderman, Ward 2
Cyrus Vaghar                       School Committee, Ward 2
Margaret Albright                School Committee, Ward 2
Barbara Brousal-Glaser       Ward Alderman, Ward 3
Leonard J. Gentile               Alderman-at-Large, Ward 4
Amy Mah Sangiolo              Alderman-at-Large, Ward 4
John W. Harney                   Ward Alderman, Ward 4
Diana Fisher Gomberg        School Committee, Ward 4
Brian E. Yates                       Alderman-at-large, Ward 5
Deborah J. Crossley             Alderman-at-Large, Ward 5
John B. Rice                          Ward Alderman, Ward 5
Susan Huffman                     School Committee, Ward 5
Victoria Danberg                  Alderman-at-Large, Ward 6
Richard B. Blazar                 Ward Alderman, Ward 6
Ruthanne Fuller                   Alderman-at-Large, Ward 7
Marc C. Laredo                     Alderman-at-Large, Ward 7
R. Lisle Baker                       Ward Alderman, Ward 7
Matthew Hills                       School Committee, Ward 7
Frank Wolpe                         Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
Richard A. Lipof                    Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
David A. Kalis                        Alderman-at-Large, Ward 8
Cheryl Lipof Lappin              Ward Alderman, Ward 8

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