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This surprising news comes from the David Kalis campaign….

david kalisLong-time Newton resident David Kalis has formally announced his candidacy for the at-large seat on the Board of Aldermen/City Council from Ward 8. Kalis initially announced he would not seek a 3rd term, but circumstances have changed.

“While I thought I couldn’t find the right balance between family, work, and my Board of Alderman responsibilities, I have made changes to my schedule, and can give all these important roles the attention they deserve. The decision to re-enter the race was made with my family, and we are confident and excited about this decision – I am as passionate as ever about serving the City. The tipping point was the encouragement I received from colleagues in every Ward, and our many friends in the Newton community.”

Kalis grew up in Newton and brings a unique combination of business and community experience, leadership, and listening skills to the role of Alderman. As a business professional, David will continue to leverage his expertise in budget management, prioritization, and strategic planning. In his community he has made a difference as former Brotherhood President at Temple Beth-Avodah and initiator of fundraising efforts at Countryside school. As Kalis states, “Collaboration with City staff, residents, and businesses has been critical to achieving success as a Board member. We need seasoned and effective leaders who can address the significant challenges facing our City.”

David has specific goals in mind for his next term. “I have unfinished business I want to address on the Board. With the first phase of Zoning Reform almost complete, I want to focus on the second phase, simplifying our code and finding the balance between development and maintaining our historic character. I want to continue helping constituents with their concerns, improving our city’s infrastructure, investing in our educational programs, and promoting fiscal discipline across all programs and services.”

Kalis, age 46, attended Zervas, Charles E. Brown, and Newton South High School before graduating from Tufts University and the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. David and his wife Anne are the parents of two children in the Newton Public Schools: a son who is 11 and a daughter who is 9.

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