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If you’ve ever been to one of our Village 14 Blogger’s Night Out parties, you know that it’s an occasion when both participants and readers of this blog get together for a robust night of talking about Newton.  And it’s surprisingly civil too, given that even folks who fiercely disagree here, get along quite nicely in person, while we all gossip a about the politicians and others who didn’t show up.

But of course, coming to one of our blog parties requires admitting that you actually read Village 14, which is more than some folks are willing to do.

And that’s what’s so great about tonight’s “Legendary Locals” book release party starting at 7 p.m. at Newtonville Books.  You can come, talk about Newton, make new friends and meet people you only know virtually — without ever admitting that you’ve bookmarked Village14.com

And, while you’re there, buy a book!

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