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Craft Been Cellar announced to customers via email today that it will be closing its Newton Centre store on New Year’s Eve.

This is from that email….

At the heart of it, we picked a difficult first location. While we love our space, it was ultimately too big and too pricey. To ensure a secure future for our world-class Staff Beer Geeks, provide a good value to our loyal and incredibly awesome customers, and forward Craft Beer Cellar’s mission, a change was necessary. We are all saddened by this difficult decision. It is our firm belief that CBC Newton will be able to provide an even better experience for our customers as a result of this transition.

…..Optimally, we would have had a seamless move from our current to our new location. However, the lengthy licensing, leasing, and approval processes have made it impossible to remain open, in the traditional sense, for a few weeks. It has been a roller coaster, with a prime location falling through at the last minute. Hang with us, it’ll be worth it

The store will be open regular hours today, Dec. 30, from 10am – 10pm. On Dec. 31 until 8pm, with a target re-open date in early February 2015.