This just in from the Newton Democratic City Committee …

Newton, MA–Members of the Newton Democratic City Committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse a proposed update to the Newton Charter that would change the title of Newton’s legislative body from Board of Aldermen to City Council.
chamber“Our members clearly thought it was time for a change,” said NDCC Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons, “We need to make it crystal clear, through the language we use, that women deserve an equal seat in government. The term Alderman is from a different time and just doesn’t accomplish that goal.”
The motion for the NDCC to endorse the change was made by Priscilla Leith who is both the former NDCC Chair and president of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women. The change to a gender-neutral term was also supported by State Treasurer Steve Grossman, a Newton resident, and State Representatives Ruth Balser and Kay Khan.

Many NDCC members who spoke in favor of the change noted that the Democratic Party strongly supports diversity in government and that this initiative is an important step in the direction of encouraging more women to seek elective office in our home city.
The act recently passed the Board of Aldermen’s Program and Services Committee and is expected to go before the full Board in December or January.
The Newton Democratic City Committee consists of over 330 politically active individuals who are City residents, Democratic voters and activists. Learn more at www.newtondems.org. For more information contact Shawn Fitzgibbons, chair of the NDCC, at (617) 997-2577 or [email protected].

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