Fossil energy money won big on election day, from defeating the bottle bill to a new Keystone XL – cheerleading congress and a Senate Chair on Energy who says global warming is a hoax.  Millennials, who see more clearly where we’re headed than many of their elders, voted at a dismal rate.   I believe this may have been more out of a sense of hopelessness than apathy.  I share that sense of powerlessness some times.

That’s why direct energy democracy is so, literally, empowering.  Solar panels physically decentralize and democratize our energy system and constitute an irrevocable physical vote for clean energy and a stable climate.   And while investor-owned utilities and their fossil industry allies are fighting tooth and nail to slow the spread of wind and solar in states all across the country, the business, resilience, and environmental case for solar and wind are too powerful to stop.

Newton has just launched its third and most homegrown solar initiative, the Newton Solar Challenge, which you can learn more about today at 4pm at the Auburndale Library, or this coming Wednesday evening at the same place.

Newton homeowner and Barnraise Energy principal John Tourtellote is one of the partners in this effort, and discusses this program over at the I Love Newton blog.

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