I’m frequently asked how many people read Village 14 (as opposed to the much smaller number of people who comment).  Generally speaking, I don’t pay a lot of attention to our traffic statistics. For me the success of this site is not measured by how many people come here but the quality of the conversations and the fact that everyone here is really passionate about Newton and Newton politics.

But I found this statistic from our October Google analytics report to be gratifying:

Village 14 visitors spent an average of 3:45 on the site during a single session.

The same reports tells us that Village 14 had 21,924 site visitors and 50,641 page views last month. Our readership was highest on Oct. 21, lowest on Oct. 28 and that the vast majority (76 percent) of our participants are coming to us through their iPhones.

But to me, the most interesting statistic is the time spent on site. This stat suggests to me that we really are reading what each other have to say.

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