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The TAB’s Jim Morrison has posted a story about last night’s historic 21-2 vote by Newton Aldermen Monday in favor of approving a special permit for Garden Remedies, the medical marijuana dispensary to be located on Washington Street.

Jim’s article quotes the two aldermen who voted no on what could conceivably be the first medical marijana clinic in the state, following overwhelming votes in support of the clinics both statewide and in Newton in 2012.

Alderman Lisle Baker voted against the special permit for several reasons, including discrepancies between information Garden Remedies submitted to the state and information it submitted to the city, traffic concerns, plus the fact that buying, selling and using marijuana remains a federal crime.

“In good conscience,” Baker said, “I cannot support the item.”

Alderman Jim Cote, who voted in favor of the special permit as a member on the Land Use Committee, voted against it as a member of the full board.

“It’s a new law, but it doesn’t mean we have to support the law,” Cote said. “As a parent of 10, I can’t support the introduction of a substance to a community that isn’t legal in the country.”

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