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The League of Women Voters Newton have sent the following letter to our city leaders. I’ve added the both emphasis

Dear Mayor Warren, President Lennon and Members of the Board of Aldermen:

The League of Women Voters of Newton (LWVN) strongly supports a strengthened sidewalk snow-clearing ordinance.  Since the 1970s, LWVN has advocated for a requirement for residents to clear their sidewalks to reduce the dangers to pedestrians in winter.  This would mean all our citizens, including our most vulnerable—the elderly, disabled, and children—can walk on sidewalks instead of in the street alongside cars.

We strongly encourage our elected officials to commit to enforce the residential sidewalk clearing ordinances as well as the snow dumping ordinance.  We are hopeful that the possibility of serious penalities will prevent a repeat of past years, when sidewalk-clearing enforcement was essentially unenforceable and sidewalks were blocked with snow.

We thank you for your efforts to keep pedestrian mobility and safety a priority in Newton.

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