In the ongoing race to rank, well, virtually everything,  our fair city has been ranked as the most “couple-friendly” in the nation, according to a study by Rent.com.This from the Boston Business Journal….

The online apartment and research site partnered with Onboard Informatics, the real estate data company, to analyze criteria that they call “couple-friendly,” such as a high percentage of married adults, few divorcees and lots of stuff for couples to do — even in winter.Their findings concluded that Newton, the upscale city about seven miles west of Boston, is tops in the nation when it comes to communities that work for couples.

And this from BostonInno

Rent.com surveyed 1000 married renters – 57 percent of which have regular date nights with their significant other. The study also looked at each city’s percentage of married adults and divorcees – as well as the number of places to go and things to do in the vicinity.

In particular, the study chose cities with a myriad of date-night options available such as variety of restaurants, dancing, culture, and day trip opportunities (nearby ski slopes, afternoon hiking spots and/or amusement parks).

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