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In her latest op-ed column in the TAB, Austin Street development opponent Kathleen Kouril Grieser announced that the (still mysterious) anti-development citizens group Newton Villages Alliance has just created an on-line poll “to clarify how Newtonville envisions Austin Street, going forward.”

This new survey follows an often-cited poll  conducted by the Newtonville Area Council in February, which Kouril Grieser dismisses because it had “bias built into survey questions,” as well as the city’s own Austin Street Dotmocracy .

A similar survey was conducted recently in Newton Highlands and Waban to gauge feelings about the Zervas School Expansion Project (analyzed here by project critic Steve Feinstein).

And, of course, this blog, and  the TAB Blog have used online polls for years in Newton about everything from school naming rights to what someone’s day job is to killing bears to this musical show down .

I’ve never suggested taking our online blogs  seriously.  And certainly anyone who has compared the results of Village 14’s various election-related polls knows that they are far from true barometers of anything except perhaps which campaign has (a) the most time on its hands and (b) knows the most about clearing cookies. (Although this one proved to be spot on!)

So how seriously should we take these things?  Naturally, we’ve created a poll to find out!

[polldaddy poll=”8260873″]

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