The Newton TAB has obtained letters written by teachers union president Michael Zilles that express concerns about the David Fleishman plagiarism incidents.

The letter expresses “incredulity” with the allegations of plagiarism, but also scolds Fleishman for what Zilles–writing after meeting with members of the union’s leadership team– saw as an inadequate response to allegations that first surfaced in one of Newton’s South’s two student newspapers, The Lion’s Roar.

The TAB article also provides a brief hint that the School Committee may not share just one view on the matter.

In an email response, School Committee member Ruth Goldman praised Zilles for speaking up.”Your perspective mirrors my own and that of the many parents I have spoken to over the past week,” Goldman wrote.

It’s good to see the TAB staying on this. It would be even better if they were to eventually publish the Ziles letters in their entirety (UPDATE: The letters are here), plus the any reactions from Goldman and other SC members.

And of course, School Committee members are always welcome to joint the conversation here as well.



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