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With state primaries less than two months away, it seems like a good time for a discussion about the governor’s race. The Globe today has a story about a dead heat between Democratic candidate Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker. Newton’s Steve Grossman‘s own polls (nearly a month old) show him trailing Coakley by a large margin. Democrat Don Berwick, also from Newton, hasn’t gained much traction, according to polls. Republican Mark Fisher is running as a Tea Party member.

While I haven’t read much about him yet, I know some people who plan to vote for yet another Newton resident, Evan Falchuk, who is running as an independent. The other two independents are Scott Lively and Jeff McCormack but I don’t believe they’ve secured a place on the ballot yet. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.)

Thoughts? Opinions? Predictions? Keeping your fingers crossed wishes?

And…does anyone know which Newton pols have endorsed Steve Grossman? I couldn’t find anything on his site.


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