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Folks who’ve been following my blog postings over the years know that one my very favorite short form videos of all time is this classic slice of cinéma vérité from 2009 featuring Aldermen Lenny Gentile.

At the time this clip was filmed, Newton was facing the humiliation of being compared to Somerville, which under its then relatively-new mayor, Joe Curtatone, was seen as a leader in using data analysis to drive decisions. (Gentile’s comments even inspired this parody seen on Somerville’s community access TV and this editorial.)

Concerned that the Garden City was being compared to the city once known as Slumerville (home of the Winter Hill Gang) Gentile went to far as to ask where we would sink next:

Why not Everett? Or Chelsea?

Well, it looks like Everett’s has just passed us by.

At least that’s the view from  the website Nerd Wallet, which has just posted its rankings of the Top 10 Cities on the Rise in Massachusetts.

Newton is the No. 3 on the list, a considerable accomplishment, no doubt.

No. 1 is Westfield.

And, just above Newton at No. 2?  Yep that would be  Everett.

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