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Ice cream has a long, rich history in Newton Highlands. It was home to the original Brighams, which according to Wikipedia was founded in  1914 by Edward L. Brigham, who began selling ice cream (five cents for ice cream and sundaes for 20 cents)  and candy made in the back of his store in 1924.

I’m hoping Bob Burke or others will help us fill in the gaps but my earliest memories of ice cream in the Highlands was of the Ice Cream Works, originally located at about where Walnut Market now is and later moving to the Bread & Chocolate location.  For a while, Baskin & Robbins was available at since closed Dunkin Donuts (where the terrific Walnut Grille is).  More recently, the short-lived Bread & Lilly gave it a shot.

For a village with so many wonderful shops, restaurants, summer concerts and outdoor movies, beautiful gardens, the MBTA and a public beach, the lack of an ice cream store was a major gap.

Finally, ice cream is back. The Rox Cafe on Lincoln is now scooping (and offering smoothies) at its market cafe. Not a moment too soon.



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