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newton-democracy The Globe isn’t showing any signs of letting up on Henry DeGrootgate.

In the latest article by reporter Ellen Ishkanian, the founders of the  “exchange program between Newton Public Schools and China said the program they have worked more than 30 years to build has been jeopardized by an immature student who didn’t understand the ramifications of his self-serving actions.”

They also said the Newton North senior should have been sent home as soon as the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, it appears that it hasn’t occurred to Henry DeGoot yet that perhaps he should stop talking to reporters. Instead he tells Ishkanian

“I did partially regret what I had done, as I’ve said, it was stupid and immature. But I don’t any more, because I’ve now had the opportunity to speak out about the school administration, so I’ve been given an opportunity I didn’t expect.”

Photo above from Shanghaiist.com Be sure and check out the comments.

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