Can we agree that there’s no way to stop development of additional housing units in Newton (Chestnut Hill Square, Riverside, Manchester, Needham Street)? And, can we agree that there’s no way to prevent small people from becoming residents in those new units? And, can we agree that those small people are going to require — state truancy laws and laws against child labor, you know — some learning up? And, can we agree that our learning-up facilities are a smidge too crowded already?

I’m not convinced that the school expansion plans adequately addressed the likely or possible influx of children from new development. But, even if they account for peak small people, the expansion plans are short-sighted, given the expansion of some schools (Bowen, for one) way beyond what is reasonable given the core infrastructure or site capacity.

In any case, let’s stop complaining about the impact of new development on school overcrowding like it’s some surprise. We’ve known development is coming for a while. Time to build an elementary school or two and a middle school.