Newton School Committee members “were briefed privately at city hall once in the fall of 2012 as the override package was being finalized,” then School Committee member Geoff Espstein divulged on Village 14 yesterday.

Setti lead out with 10 minutes on how important technology was and I was pretty happy that perhaps we might get technology fixed with the $1.5M/year it needed – a genuine recurring item suitable for an operating override.

It was clear from that briefing that some fixing was going to done at Zervas but no indication ofa $40M mega project.

Although Epstein tried to back off this claim when asked about it by Alderman Ted Hess Mahan a few minutes later,  such a meeting would, as Hess Mahan noted, be a violation of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

It’s a serious enough infraction that I’d hope one of our local reporters might investigate.


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