On a prior thread here, former School Committee member Geoff Epstein informs us that he’s leaving Newton but that he’s also terribly disillusioned by the way the Zervis Zervas School project has unfolded. Oh and he’s also “totally disappointed” with Mayor Setti Warren (for many reasons, he tells us elsewhere) and not happy with School Committee Chair Matt Hills  or the rest of the committee either.  Here’s how Epstein begins his post…

The moral of this story is that no-one should ever vote for an operating override with capital projects in it. They should be split out into debt exclusions.

Later he adds…

My service on the SC has been book ended by two projects. The dreadful Newton North at the start and the potentially dreadful Zervas at the end.

And there’s this…

I am totally disappointed in the Mayor for allowing this project to proceed as it has and in the SC, under the leadership of Matt Hills, who was the architect of inserting Zervas into the operating override. Which is the cause of all of these problems.

oh and this..

I have spent almost 24 years living in Newton and I was hoping that by my departure real change would have occurred in the relationship between the citizenry and its government.

I’m not going to go into the merits of the Zervas project here. There’s two other active threads happening on this site for that right now. But I do feel compelled to address another issue and that’s the hypocrisy of a man who apparently has spent close to a decade giving Newton voters bad advice.

Epstein– some will recall — ran for the School Committee promising to enact change and served for three terms. He also strongly supported Setti Warren during his first campaign for mayor (and as far as I know, Warren’s reelection last fall as well).  And just a few months ago he repeatedly proclaimed how happy  he was that Matt Hills was to become School Committee chair and how this signaled a “sea change”  for the very school committee he’s now “totally disappointed in.”

Oh and, yes,  as you’ll see from the video above (UPDATE HERE), Epstein was a very strong voice in support of the very tax override (which would “add space at Zervis”) that he’s now blaming as being at the root of what he now calls “this Zervas madness.”

Rather than explaining or even acknowledging his multiple changes of heart, Espstein says that while he’s leaving Newton he’ll be back to help fight against the very “mega school” that he asked us to support during the override.

… this Zervas madness has to be stopped, so [if] it comes to a citywide citizen vote of any kind to stop the mega school, you can still count me in for a ton of help with any flyer campaign.

But really, isn’t “the moral of this story” that one should ignore Geoff Esptein’s political endorsements?

Instead of throwing more grenades, shouldn’t he instead be apologizing for being an ineffectual School Committee member who has repeatedly given voters  advice he presumably now regrets?