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Heading home from work on Thursday night, I realized that my wallet was missing.  Anyone who has ever had this experience can describe that sinking feeling and the crazy inconvenience.

I tried hard to remember what I’d been carrying. In addition to my driver’s license and credit cards, there was my ATM card, a bit of cash, a brand new 10 ride Commuter Rail pass, my health care card and a variety of other cards that I could barely remember. I berated myself for not making a photocopy or list of those cards I had taken for granted.

My husband and I spent the rest of the evening canceling my credit cards (not easily done–you need to punch in the number on the card to report it missing) and I paid the $25 to order a duplicate license online. It felt awful to think that somebody else had all my identifying papers. I couldn’t sleep, worrying about it.

Tonight, my son called me to report that a wonderful woman, Nicola Day, had found the wallet on the floor of a fast food restaurant and brought it over to our house. Every card was there.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, I phoned her to offer my thanks, a reward and a check to the charity of her choice. She refused, but told me I could tell my friends about her store, HipStitch, in West Newton square.

I’ll be going over tomorrow to make some purchases. I hope you’ll find a reason to spend some money there, too. This kind and honest woman deserves our support.