evan allenNewton has been really lucky to have had a string of tough-but-fair journalists covering our city, including about a year ago, Deirdre Fernandes, who is now a Globe banking reporter, Matt Viser, now one of the Globe’s top political reporters, and our own Legendary Locals author Gail Spector, to name just three of many.

Most recently, we’ve been lucky to have Evan Allen assigned to the Newton beat and while her tenure has been short, she’s done a terrific job.

Allen has just been resigned tocover crime in Boston, a tough beat but it clearly reflects the confidence the Globe has in her. Our loss is Boston’s gain.

I understand the Ellen Ishkanian, a veteran reporter who has been working Globe West and formerly Wellesley Patch and Community Newspaper Company will be covering Newton. Let’s hope that this is a full time assignment and that she won’t be sharing her time covering other communities.

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