Vision for the MBTA in 2024

MBTA 2024 map from MassDOT CIP 2014-2018 http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/Portals/0/docs/infoCenter/docs_materials/cip_FY14_FY18.pdf

In MassDOT’s transportation capital improvement plan for 2014-2018, just published, a vision for the MBTA in 2024 includes a form of rapid transit for the north side of Newton, using diesel multiple unit cars, terminating at Riverside station.  A so-called “Indigo line” could provide local service for Auburndale, West Newton, Newtonville, Brighton and Allston to Back Bay, South Station, the Seaport district, and maybe even North Station using the Grand Junction Railroad.  Note that there’s nothing actually in the CIP through 2018 to support this. How could reliable and frequent service to Boston transform communities on the north side of the city?

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