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The Anti-Defamation League and Newton clergy tell the Boston Globe that the have no concerns that the Newton Public School system’s curriculum contains anti-Semitic material and Islamic dogma, Evan Allen of the Boston Globe reports.

“We take these allegations very seriously, and we look into them,” said ADL New England regional director, Robert Trestan. Trestan. “We concluded that the ad’s description of the material that we reviewed goes beyond reasonable criticism… The Newton public schools do not have an agenda to delegitimize Israel and glorify Islam.”

and here’s more…

Clergy at Temple Emanuel … “sent out a joint statement last week demanding that the ads be retracted, calling them ‘baseless’ and ‘scurrilous.’

Eric Gurvis, rabbi at Temple Shalom and father of three Newton North alumni and one current student, called the ads “a witch hunt to promote a very narrow agenda.”

Reasonable people might assume that between this — and the findings by state education officials plus this joint statement by three leading Jewish organizations — that this issue would now fade away.

Unfortunately, we’re not dealing with reasonable people.



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