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Last week the TAB published columns by Claire Sokoloff and Jonathan Yeo in support of Andrea Steenstrup for School Committee while Geoff Epstein made the case  in support of Margaret Albright. Today, I received a robo call from Epstein, rambling on about how if kids could vote, they’d elect Albright or something  silly like that.

Here’s what I don’t get — or at least what I don’t like —  why can’t these two educated women speak and write for themselves?

Why have their surrogates been all over this contest in a way totally unlike any other contest this year …or any Newton municipal election I can recall?

I never bothered to read either of those TAB columns because I knew they wouldn’t help this undecided voter make us his mind. I only listened to the Epstein’s robo call for the same reason that I pause to look at train wrecks.  Sokoloff, Yeo and Epstein aren’t on the ballot. They won’t be on the School Committee in January. We would have all been better off if they had let candidates speak for themselves.



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