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richard blazerIf you’ve been following Newton elections for a while, you know that incumbents rarely endorse candidates that are challenging incumbents.  For example, not one sitting alderman has endorsed Chris Steele (although some sitting school committee members have).

In this year’s contest for mayor, only one sitting elected official — Alderman Dick Blazar — has endorsed Ted Hess-Mahan for mayor.

Now certainly this could be because all of our incumbents admire the job Setti Warren is doing. Or it could be that they know and don’t like Hess-Mahan — or don’t believe he’d make a better mayor.

Or perhaps these individuals worry about losing clout with, or even being punished by, a mayor who is all but certain to be reelected.

In a letter sent to the TAB Blazar writes

Yes, Ted is a long shot, but I respect his guts in stepping up when others who want the job would not.  I urge all voters to educate yourselves on the pluses and minuses of the candidates-both of whom are decent people with good ideas.  The question is which one will better lead the city and inspire its workers and its citizens.

Is Blazer being courageous? Foolish?  Bold? Naive?


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