In today’s TAB there is a story about a proposed pilot project to lift the winter parking ban in some neighborhoods where on-premises parking is tight. As someone who lives on such a street, I am very interested in seeing if they can make this work. For the last decade I have scratched my head over the fact that there is a parking ban in effect in these neighborhoods with smaller lots (many having no driveways), even when there is no snowfall, or if the streets have been cleared adequately (which they generally are quickly in my neighborhood.

Also, currently a ticket for violating the overnight ban is a measly $5, which does not sound like a deterrent (and it’s not to me, tho I rarely defy the ban and have never been ticketed)

Highlights of the plan:

  • A permit would cost $100
  • The ban would still be in effect for snow emergencies (as it should be)
  • Permit would be granted “to a specific vehicle at a specific site” – that does not sound much different from current parking permits, but I would like to know if there is a difference

Alan Ciccone, chair of the PublicSafety and Transportation Committee, is running in a contested race for Ward 1 Alderman vs Alison Leary. If he can help make this work, perhaps it will mitigate the confusing and troubling (to me) comment against bike lanes he made during the recent debate.

(Edited- Scott Lennon pointed out my error- Allan Ciccone, Sr is running for Ward 1 Alderman, Allan Ciccone, Jr. is the current Alderman supporting this parking proposal).

Thoughts on the winter parking ban?