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Chris Steele has the distinction of being the only candidate challenging an incumbent (or in his case, two incumbents: Brian Yates and Deb Crossley) for a seat on  either the Board of Aldermen or School Committee this year. (Voters city-wide are eligible to vote for two of the three candidates on Nov. 5.)

In a column posted on Newton Patch, he explains why he’s running, including this excerpt…

Steele ChrisIt’s not that I think the people currently in the seats are doing a poor job. Both have made excellent contributions based on their own strengths.  However, our City charter calls for elections every two years for a reason.  Aldermanic seats are not lifetime appointments, nor should they be.

I believe in the democratic process.  If we thought it were proper only to wait until someone retires from the Board (or were term-limited off), then elections every two years would have no purpose.  Instead, every two years we get to have a conversation about our goals as a City.  We get to make decisions about who we think would best serve these important roles in our local government.

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