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trash binDuring the preliminary mayoral debate, Newton Mayor Setti Warren appropriately touted how much easier it is for residents to resolve many common problems using the Newton 311Ā  system. I’ve used it successfully to get a street lamp replaced, dead branches removed and bulky items picked up. But that’s just three of the many, many service requests that are conveniently available 24/7.

But recently, when a wheel on my trash barrel needed repair. I discovered (after searching online several times) that that’s not one of our options.

Instead, one has to call the city’s trash removal vendor, Waste Management, during business hours and hope the generally unenthusiastic person you need to speak to is working that day or not taking a break or on the phone with another customer.

This seems so archaic. And puzzling.

I’m guessing that this has to do with the terms of the city’s contract. But IĀ  can’t see why those customer friendly folks at City Hall haven’t been asked to collect these requests from residents and then notify the vendor on our behalf.


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