The lights are active at Boylston St./Rte. 9 and, worse than predicted, traffic on Parker Street northbound was backed up all the way up Parker and down Wheeler to the junior high schools. Obviously, it’s just day one, things might get better. They might get worse. We’ll need to see who, if anyone, complains. While the backup was huge, northbound traffic north of Boylston/Rte. 9 was actually generally better. Red lights on Parker created some gaps to get out of and onto side streets. But, southbound traffic north of Boylston/Rte. 9 appeared to be backed up nearly to Newton Centre.

Oddly, this morning’s traffic suggests that the city was premature in reconfiguring Cypress/Centre. With the new lights stopping and releasing traffic, Cypress/Centre might not have ended up being a meaningful bottleneck. In which case, losing the pedestrian and other benefits and spending money to redo the intersection might have been a mistake.

I must confess, I didn’t see that particular connection between the new lights and Cypress/Centre, though it appears obvious now. Which is to say, traffic is complicated. And, we need to see how things play out for a while before we rush to judgment.

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