setti warren for senateAt last week’s mayoral debate, Newton Mayor Setti Warren’s three challengers cited Warren’s campaign for U.S. Senate just 18 months after he was first elected in mayor in 2009, as a reason why voters shouldn’t reelect him.

As Evan Allen, points out in her recap in today’s Globe, candidate Tom Sheff even began tearing up over his feeling of being “deeply wounded” by Warren; adding that “the mayor’s opponents questioned whether he was focused on Newton or on higher political office.”

But is Setti Warren’s abandoned US Senate run — or the fear that he’s looking to ditch us for a better offer at the blink of an  eye — an issue only for his three challengers and a minority of voters?

My own view is that if voters didn’t trust Setti Warren they would have never agreed to let him raise their taxes earlier this year.

I also think that the overwhelming display of “Warren for Mayor” lawn signs across all corners of our city — and his ability to raise much more money than his opponents — suggests many people believe Warren when he says he’s committed to serving another full term.

What do you think?

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