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In a blog post titled, ‘Hey. that was our money!’ Paul Levy offers a different take on the decision by the Warren administration to undo curb cuts along Cypress Street in Newton Center.

Be sure and read the whole thing, but here’s an except:

I think there is an unreported back story:  This is government at work in an election year.  Many of my friends and neighbors complained to the Mayor’s Office about the change and the politically correct administration decided to cave.   (I actually found that the intersection worked better with the change.)  Why did they complain?  First, the reconfiguration required a small change in driving habits. (Previously, traffic entering from Centre Street would have to yield. Now, the traffic from Cypress Street would have to yield.)  Second, the road is still roughed up, without final paving, and traffic slows because of that. Third, the temporary signage at the intersection is not optimal.  People are not yet used to the change, and so the improvement in traffic flow that was envisioned has not yet been achieved.


I’d love to hear what people think about Levy’s view that the decision was made too soon. Also; this is the second time in recent weeks that it’s been suggested that politics and NIMBYism is driving decisions at City Hall. Do you agree?

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