Boston Globe columnist  Adrian Walker has some harsh things to say about Newton Mayor Setti Warren’s handling to the Engine 6 project in Waban.  Read the whole thing, but here’s two excepts…

Setti Warren, the mayor of Newton, is a diehard defender of deliberative public process, the need to work things through carefully. That’s usually a good thing, but not when it’s used to kill something as important as housing for the homeless, a cause he claims to support.

and this

I’d have slightly more respect for Warren, whom I’ve known and liked for years, if he just admitted that he doesn’t think Engine 6 is worth the political headache it threatens to become. Instead, he has opted to call for more “process” — more meetings, more discussion, more information, more blah blah blah.

This is, of course, a time-honored strategy for killing ideas you don’t like. As Warren is well aware, the developers have entered into a purchase-and-sale agreement that expires on Aug. 12. Several months of discussions could well sink the project.

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