The Globe’s Evan Allen has a story today about the proposal to turn the  former fire station near the corner Beacon and Washington Streets in Waban  into studio apartments for ten chronically homeless individuals. (Feisty TAB Blog discussion here.)

Allen attended last week’s community meeting at the Waban library which proceeds a bigger meeting on Thursday which will include representatives from MetroWest Collaborative and the Pine Street Inn.

Here’s a quote from one attendee..

“We live in a community where our kids walk to school, they walk to get ice cream or go to the deli. And I want to know why we shouldn’t be worried about our kids walking on their own through the community” if the housing proposal is approved, Jill Balmuth said Thursday night during a packed public meeting in the Waban Library Center. The tenants, Balmuth said to a round of applause, “are not gonna be accepted in this community. So I’m not sure it’s not fair on either side.

and here’s something entirely different from someone else..

“I would like to think that our community would be willing to step in and support people who need our help so much more than other people do,” said David Jones, who also received an ovation. “When you think about this from the point of view of human rights, these people are suffering, these people deserve a better life.”

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