From a column in the Newtonite, Newton North student  writes..

I can’t remember the last time I walked into a boys’ bathroom without the floor littered with random rags of paper towel. And, to make matters worse, there is often “nastiness,” as one of my friends described it, left for the lucky person who uses the stall later.

yes, Perlo know what the rest of us are thinking..

After being presented with a nearly $200 million school by the education-obsessed citizens of Newton, one would expect that the students who are so lucky to attend this school could resist from drawing on walls and dropping paper towels at their feet.

But he blames the custodians too…

If students pick up the slack by cleaning up after themselves, then it is only fair that custodians should ensure that soap dispensers should be routinely checked to make sure that there is enough soap for the thousands of students (a.k.a. germ-carriers) who use this school, and stall doors should be repaired so that they actually, well, close. With these basic repairs and an increased effort on behalf of this school’s students, the bathrooms might eventually shirk their less-than-desirable reputations.

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