In an oped in the TAB, William Heck expresses alarm about the growing Newton school budget, saying…

Perhaps taxpayers could tolerate this spending surge if the School Committee used these dollars to maintain and improve buildings, but they didn’t. The School Committee didn’t use the dollars to institute foreign languages in our elementary schools, either. And, the School Committee didn’t use the dollars to institute tuition-free full-day kindergarten or to create cutting edge 21st century technology programs that improve education and reduce costs.

Then Heck goes on to tell us whose fault this is (bold emphasis is mine)…

Newton taxpayers pay too much for public education due to ineffective and inefficient management management that flails in the status quo because it has no vision, expectations, or discipline in its process.

What do you think of this last comment? Do we not have better buildings; foreign languages in elementary school; full day kindergarten; or better technology because of “ineffective and inefficient management” or for a different reason or reasons?  And is this the School Committee’s fault?


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