True to a commitment made by new owner Tom Lyons, comes this from the New England Mobile Book Fair’s Facebook page

If you are a regular patron of our store you have noticed that books are no longer organized by publisher.

Fiction is now filed by author, and shelved in a new FICTION section, with separate areas for MYSTERY, ROMANCE and SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY genres.

Non-fiction is now broken out into major categories, such as TRAVEL, HISTORY, PSYCHOLOGY, HEALTH and COOKING.

We continue to sell recent paperbacks in THE PAPERBACK ROOM which is where we also keep Childrens Books.

We also continue to maintain THE BARGAIN WAREHOUSE, where you will find thousands of hard-to-find books, all at extraordinary low prices.

About a year ago, a patron of the New England Mobile Book fair wrote about “the charm and character that makes NEMBF a true US treasure.” She noted that “Friends and relatives from California, Oregon, Florida- all come here first on their visits east.” She suggested that we should by all means “make changes for the better, but keep what is special.”

We have heard the suggestions of all of our loyal customers and are acting to ensure that shopping at the New England Mobile Book Fair will remain a unique and enjoyable experience.

Any questions? Ask to be directed to the help desk in the shipping area! And remember: You can order nearly any book via the store website at http://www.nebookfair.com/, or call us over the phone to place a book order.

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